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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Part 3:

Wow what a community!

In our last blog we talked about the excitement of our first order and what really warmed our hearts was the amount of support we received from this wonderful community! It was truly overwhelming how many people got behind the 3 of us and placed an order.

Along with our community, we created something very special that will remain dear to us for the rest of our lives. We have lived in Surrey for 21 years and in that time we have never witnessed our community come together in such a way. The kindness and generosity shown during this time was truly amazing and we have made friends and connections that are truly special.

Our First Milestone!

In the months following our first order we really began to find our rhythm. Thanks to support mentioned above, by May 24th 2020 we had hit a milestone we never thought in a million years would be possible - our 1000th delivery!

When we started we really had no clue how it would go. Here we were two months later, having delivered 1000 boxes of hand packed fresh produce. It was truly inspiring and humbling to see what we had achieved. Best of all however, was getting to speak to and develop such amazing connections with our customers, a lot of whom we now consider friends and are still with us to this day!

A chance to make a difference

We had created an opportunity that would enable us to give back to our community. As the world came to a grinding holt, so did the job market. It was very difficult at the time for anyone to find jobs, as no employers were hiring and especially not younger individuals with less experience.

We decided that as soon as we could, we'd offer jobs to help others. This was something all three of us were and still are very passionate about. Growing our Greenwoods Grocers team, brought us so much joy and in June 2020 we brought on board Adam our first team member. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to do so and he really brought a new dimension to our fledgling business!

Make sure to tune in for the next stage of our journey!

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