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Part 2:

Greenwoods Grocers coming to life! 🌱

Following on from last week our idea had just become a reality (if you missed this part, please see the part 1 below). The elation of receiving our first order also brought with it a realisation that we now had the responsibility

to follow through with our promise, and deliver a product we were proud of!

In the coming days the three of us got to work, divvying up the jobs and getting stuck in. As brothers we make a good team, because we all have a natural preference for different roles typically found in a business:

Alex (Oldest brother) has an amazing mind for processes and numbers, responsible for building and setting up the back end systems and making sure things are running smoothly.

Ali (Middle brother) enjoys the marketing side of things and designed and built our website.

Jack (Youngest brother) is brilliant with logistics, building and organising our assembly line, and optimising our delivery routes (No small feat for a 16 year old). If you've met him (which I am sure many of you have) you will know he is also a very confident communicator for someone of his age.

In our first week we received 21 orders! We remember so clearly getting up at 5am for our first ever day of deliveries, the sun just coming up, and summer dew blanketing the grass, as we set to work dividing up our fresh produce into newly made boxes ready for delivery!

What a feeling

We can't quite put into words the feeling we had after that very first day of deliveries! It was amazing getting to know and speaking to our new customers, yes real customers! We listened to their experience of the lockdown and they told us that our service was a real help.

That night sitting round the dinner table, a sense of achievement in the air, we all shared our delivery stories, and discussed who we had spoken to (albeit from a distance). We got a real feeling that although small, we were making a difference and that's all we ever set out to do!

Please tune in next weeks blog for the next part of our story!

Until next week, sending our absolute best,

your Vegeteers - Alex, Ali and Jack

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