Part 4:

Collaborations, Markets and Mayhem

Following our new hiring stage and hitting our first big milestone discussed in last week's blog, it was a summer of super hot weather, and all hands on deck pushing for the growth of our business.

With lockdown still ruling our lives, the three of us and our new team, threw ourselves into meeting the demands of our growing customer base. By this time we were starting to generate a name for ourselves in the local area. The most amazing thing for us, was the number of people recommending Greenwoods Grocers to their friends and family.

Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to extend the biggest thank you possible to every single person who ever recommended us, or even mentioned our name in passing. This meant more to us than you know.

What this brought was a summer of organised mayhem that we wouldn't change for the world, late nights and early mornings making sure all orders were prepared, and everything was running as smoothly as possible. We also had many laughs and created amazing memories, as brothers we were the closest we had ever been and we have your support to thank for that!

Market Mania!

If you haven't been to a local farmer's market in a while, you're missing out! These markets are so important for the community and such a great opportunity to support local businesses and to meet amazing new people.

As a predominantly online business we don't get many opportunities to meet new customers in person. Attending these markets changed that for us! As lockdown eased we were able to take part in these marvellous events, which were undoubtedly some of the highlights of our summer! ☀️

Honing our sales skills, meeting other wonderful business owners and of course hearing Jack shouting, in a rather dubious Cockney accent, "Apels n pears, four for a pound" over and over again, still brings a smile to all our faces to this day!


What these markets also allowed us to do, was to collaborate with other amazing local businesses!

In today's world, where everything is only two clicks of a button away, small businesses play a vital role in preserving the skills and craft, honed over generations. There is a true beauty and novelty in knowing the product you're buying, has been made with love and care, only a stones throw from your home.

Some of our favourite collaborations just to name a few:

We are looking forward to future collaborations, and if you have any suggestions or other small businesses you love, please let us know!

We look forward to seeing you next week with our next blog!

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