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Fresh Fruit

Welcome to Greenwoods Grocers

We deliver weekly boxes full of the freshest fruit and veg!

How does it work?

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By bicycle or by van, we’ll bring you a fruit and veg box full of our beautiful fresh produce.


We deliver on Wednesday and Fridays every week. This helps us to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

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To book in your first Fruit and Veg box, go ahead and simply click the 'start sending me fresh produce!' button above or click on our 'Order Now' page! 

Each week we choose the best fruit and veg of the season and put together an assortment of the freshest produce for you to enjoy at home. 


All products are carefully selected, this way we can ensure the very best quality while supporting our local community!

Our Story

The Three Vegeteers!

Growing up our Mum and Dad always pushed healthy eating and every meal in the Greenwood household has always been an assortment of vibrant colours. At first we complained “NOOO Mum! Please!” but as our palates developed we became more and more adventurous and fell in love with fresh produce! Nevertheless I think our Mum and Dad are still in shock from when we first came to them with the idea of setting up Greenwoods Grocers! So let us pass the love on and share a bit of that vibrant colour with you.


Your Vegeteers!

What's in your fruit and veg box?

The contents of our fresh fruit and veg boxes are hand selected and hand packed, with a different assortment of goodies every week!


Want to know more? 

Local delivery radius map

Our Delivery Zone

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver our fruit and veg boxes to a number of locations within Surrey as seen on the map. As Greenwood's Grocers Grows we hope the vegeteers can spread more vibrant colour around the UK! 

What days do you deliver?

We deliver Wednesday's and Friday's every week. This helps ensure we deliver our fresh fruit and veg boxes to a schedule that best suites you. We aim to plan our delivery routes to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Alex Greenwood

As a child, community has always been at the core of my entrepreneurial activities, from cleaning cars to raising money for local charities. So, I love the idea of being able to offer the community amazing produce whilst supporting local businesses.

Alistair Greenwood

Growing up I always dreamed of owning my own business. Now to be living that dream along side my two brothers is a blessing I could have only hoped for and to be doing it in a way that benefits the community and the environment is the cherry on top!

Jack Greenwood

Being the youngest of the litter and constantly inspired by my older brothers, I’ve always looked for challenges that I can undertake and achieve in. Whether that be on the sports field, raising money for charity, or more recently, building a company with my brothers, to supply freshly farmed fruit and veg to our local community.

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